Welcome to GoodRunts!

Thank you for visiting Goodrunts! This is the first post on the our new page and a very exciting to time start this brand new venture.

All of our work started in 2014 on Alexjrado.com which was my first Weblog. Originally it was created to track my progress as I pursued an ambition to teach myself how to draw and eventually create an idea for a children’s book. I had a terrific number of visitors and an incredible amount of feedback, including one very interested Publisher’s Assistant (which probably is not saying very much)…

After some time off to dedicate myself to polishing some super inadequate skills Goodrunts emerged as a new idea that energized our pursuits and felt perfect.
We want you to keep visiting and check in on Goodrunts, and we’re going to have some cute entertainment for you when you do come back.

We’ll still be posting progress on the book. You’ll see some images, some words, and of course what has now become an ongoing single panel or 3 panel comic strip. The comic helps to keep our creative juices flowing and give our characters the little soul that’s needed for them. Goodrunts has some big ideas for the future which we absolutely will be jumping into with both feet, and it always helps to generate circulation and familiarity with our lovely runts by sharing with friends.

Follow us on Instagram and like whatever makes you smile.
Thanks again!

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