GoodRunts was originally an idea that emerged from a long desire to learn how to draw. After Twenty Two Thousand instances of support (visitors… think positive!) Good Runts was created!

It all started as an idea for a children’s book and while still in progress, has become the source of something undeniably fun and satisfying to create.
GoodRunts is about a boy named Silly and a girl named Sam, two little people with a ton on their minds. Just like every kid!
Silly is innocent while Sam is a little bit of a tougher cookie. To them, even the mundane is quite big.

Our Mission: To open the world of literature to kids everywhere. We’ll aim to make all of our stories available to everyone in as many mediums as possible, and while doing that, we’ll promote the well-being of those most important to us in the community (shhh, kids!)

We’re still working on the children’s book, the images, and more. But for now… Keep visiting, follow us on Instagram, and see what these GoodRunts will do.